Dimethyl Silicone Oil

Synonym: Methyl Silicone Oil Polydimethylsiloxane Methylpolysiloxane Dimethicones PDMS

Dimethyl silicone oil is a non-polar liquid, It is clear, low characteristic odor, Dimethyl polysiloxane fluids. Dimethyl silicone fluid belongs to Straight silicone fluids, It is soluble in hydrocarbon solvents, chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents and low molecular weight aromatic solvents.

Chemical properties

Cas No.: 63148-62-9

Molecular Formula: (CH3)3SiO[SiO(CH3)2]n-Si(CH3)3

Molecular Formula: C6H18OSi2

Appearance: Clear viscous, colorless liquid

Molar Mass: 236.534 g/mol

Density: 0.960-0.990 g/cm3

Melting Point: -35°C

Flash point: >326℃

Boling Point: 155-220°C

RefractiveIndex @25℃: 1.4025-1.4045


Dimethicones are a series of silicone fluids with various viscosities and of excellent purity. They are chemically known as dimethyl polysiloxane and useful due to their many benefits:

  1. Transparent, odorless, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-reactive liquid.
  2. Very good resistance to high and low temperature.
  3. Viscosity, low volatility, large compressibility, inert physiologically.
  4. Good dielectric properties.
  5. With superior electric insulation property, resist high and low temp.(-50-+200℃), waterproof, small temp.
  6. Strong shearing-resistance, good transmission of light, low surface tension, good water repellency and moisture resistant and low volatilitioon.


Chemical inertness, non-corrosivity, thermal stability, lubricity and low levels of toxicity make dimethyl silicone fluids the product of choice for many diverse applications. They are among the most versatile, cost-effective silicones used for release agents, lubricants and polishes.

Typical Uses:

  1. Used as softener, hydrophobic agent, handle improver, lubricant of sewing thread, spinneret lubrication of chemical fiber and clothing press lining agent in textile and clothing industry.
  2. Thermostatic fluids (-50℃ to +200℃).
  3. Insulating and damping fluids for electrical and electronic equipment.
  4. Used as defoamer, lubricant and weather resistant coating in medicine, food, chemical industry, coating and building materials industry.
  5. Surfactants for styrene-butadiene foam.
  6. Paint additives (anti-cratering, anti-floating/flooding and anti-scratching effects, etc.).
  7. Lubricating in maintenance products (polishes,wax polishes,floor and furniture polishes,etc.).
  8. Rubber, plastic, latex, polyurethane, light industry and other industries: used as release agent, isolation agent and brightener in the production of some rubber, plastic, latex, polyurethane products and handicrafts.
  9. Thinning and plastifying agents for RTV’s and silicone sealants.
  10. Daily chemical industry for skin care cream, bath liquid, shampoo and other cosmetics formulations, with excellent soft effect and silky feel.