Solution to Difficult Demoulding of Epoxy Resin Cast by Silicone Mold

Many users reflect that when using silicone molds to cast epoxy resin materials, there will be confusion about the difficulty of releasing the molds, and if the releasing agent is applied, it will lead to the surface of the epoxy resin products made without luster, a bit hazy, affecting the effect of the products. Here we will share the effective solution for you.

Silicone molds are generally made of condensed silicone or addition silicone raw materials. If you use a condensed silicone mold, you can put the silicone mold into an oven (80℃~90℃) for 2 hours, and then cast epoxy resin after the mold cools down. If you are using a transparent silicone mold, this situation generally does not occur. You can spray a volatile release agent to make it easier to release the mold, or when purchasing silicone raw materials, choose silicone raw materials with more silicone oil than conventional ones.


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