The Effect of Temperature on the Curing of RTV-2 Liquid Silicone

The curing of RTV-2 liquid silicone raw material is influenced by the product itself in addition to factors, the biggest influencing factor is the temperature. Let's share the effect of temperature on the curing of liquid silicone.

The temperature will affect the curing speed of liquid silicone, especially platinum cured silicone rubber, which cures faster when heated and will not cure at freezing temperatures. Platinum cured silicone rubber is not affected by thickness.

Tin-cured silicone should not be heated to cure, if heated do not exceed 113 ℉, tin-based silicone will be cured at colder temperatures, very dry or low humidity will also slow down the curing speed. And the first hour of curing will affect the final curing time of tin-based silicone. Also adding more catalyst will speed up the curing of tin-based silicones, however, this will affect the performance of the cured silicone mold. The final cure of the tin-cured silicone rubber also takes into account the thickness of the silicone rubber. Generally, the curing time will be extended by 1 hour for every additional inch of thickness.


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