How To Judge Whether the Quality of Mold Liquid Silicone is Qualified

With the use of silicone mold casting products users often buy mold liquid silicone raw materials to make silicone molds, high-quality silicone raw materials can greatly improve efficiency and save costs. For those who have just entered the industry, they don’t know how to identify the quality of silicone raw materials. I will share with you the experience of judging whether the quality of mold liquid silicone is qualified from many aspects.

First of all: from the color and smell to judge, generally speaking, qualified mold liquid silicone rubber has a certain degree of gloss, if the dark black quality will be poor, and qualified liquid silicone rubber is no smell, poor quality silicone raw materials will have a strong pungent smell.

Second: Observe whether there are impurities or powder deposits in the liquid silica gel purchased. Impurities are generally caused by the failure of the filtering process in the production of silicone. If there are a lot of powder deposits in the raw material of the silicone, the silicone mold made by the will not be durable and affect the frequency of use.

Finally: judging from the performance after curing, qualified silicone has a good tear and tensile effect after curing and molding, and it has good elasticity and will not be easily damaged. Inferior silicone is different.


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