Reference Example of Shore A and Shore D Hardness

Hardness is a common performance parameter index in silicone rubber materials. To help you evaluate hardness more clearly, some reference examples of Shore A and Shore D hardness are listed below.

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Hardness Reference Examples
Shore A rated examples Shore D rated examples
20 Shore A Rubber bands 40 Shore D Book Cover
30 Shore A Mouse Pad 50 Shore D Solid truck tyres
40 Shore A Silicone Pacifier 60 Shore D Golf Ball
50 Shore A Rubber stamps 70 Shore D Wooden Ruler
55 Shore A Door seals and Pencil erasers 75 Shore D Hard hat (typically HDPE)
60 Shore A Tire Tread 80 Shore D Cast urethane plastic
70 Shore A Shoe Sole 90 Shore D Bone
75 Shore A Abrasive handling pads    
80 Shore A Leather Belt    
85 Shore A Tap washers    
90 Shore A Phone cord    
100 Shore A Ebonite rubber    

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