The Difference Between Silicone Doll and TPE Doll

At present, the adult market physical doll material is mainly all silicone material, all TPE material, head silicone plus torso part TPE combination of these three, in order to let you know more about these two materials dolls, the following to give you a comparative analysis of the differences between these two dolls.

1. Material

TPE and silicone are both elastomeric materials, TPE is a thermoplastic elastomeric material, while silicone is a thermosetting elastomer. The easiest way to distinguish between silicone and TPE materials is to burn them with fire. When silicone is burned with fire, it emits white smoke and forms gray-white ash, while when TPE soft rubber is burned with fire, it emits black smoke like plastic and forms black oil-like residue.

The basis of TPE material is SEBS, SEBS is the hydrogenation product of SBS, SBS is made of styrene, butadiene block copolymerization, SEBS modified TPE can do all kinds of softness needed, the hardness of TPE is mainly related to the molecular weight of SEBS, oil filling and PP content, etc. It can be several times lower than the Shore hardness of silicone.

TPE material has the characteristics of high strength, high resilience, injection processing, wide range of applications, environmental protection, non-toxic safety, excellent coloring. Soft-touch, weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance, superior processing performance, both secondary injection molding, and separate molding.

The doll silicone uses platinum-cured silicone rubber, mixed and stirred at a ratio of 1:1, and cured at room temperature to form, this silicone is non-toxic, odorless and aging resistant.

The molecular density of silicone is greater than that of TPE. If you compare rubber with silicone, you can compare TPE with a sponge. After magnifying several times, you can see that the molecular structure of TPE is like a sponge with countless pores, while the silicone material is denser. The advantages of high-density silicone material make it have strong plasticity and better control in terms of weight. Therefore, silicone dolls can be better than TPE in details such as body curves and skin texture. This is the reason why silicone materials have better anti-aging properties than TPE materials.

2. Hand Feeling

The elasticity of the TPE material is unmatched by ordinary silicone. The TPE material can freely arrange the different densities of the various parts of the body of the physical doll, so that each part of the body of the physical doll has a real touch. For example, if you want the breast to be soft, you can adjust it to be hollow when injecting the breast, or you can use a firm structure to adjust the softness of the gel at the same time to determine the roundness, stiffness, or plumpness of the breasts of a solid doll. Of course, with the development of technology, the current silicone dolls can already use ultra-soft silicone with Shore C hardness to make the experience more perfect, but the cost will increase a lot.

3. odor

Addition silicone rubber raw material do silicone dolls do not have any smell, TPE soft rubber dolls more or less will have the smell of rubber or added flavoring agent taste, the addition of flavor is mainly to remove the taste of the material itself, while creating an erotic atmosphere, flavor and divided into natural flavor and synthetic flavor, natural flavor environmentally friendly non-toxic, but the cost is higher. Artificial flavors may have a stronger fragrance, but because they are mostly chemically synthesized, there is no guarantee that there will be no side effects and harm to the human body.

4. Texture

Because the silicone material is slightly harder, the detail expression of silicone dolls is better than that of TPE soft dolls. Some artificial hand patterns and details can only be expressed by silicone dolls. TPE soft dolls do not perform so well.

5. Stretching

According to different formulas, silicone dolls can be stretched three to five times, while TPE soft dolls can stretch six to eight times. Therefore, TPE soft rubber has a better tensile force and can do more extreme movements. If silicone dolls are operated Inappropriate will be easy to tear.

6. Durability

Silicone dolls are resistant to high temperatures, acids and alkalis, except for strong corrosive substances, silicone dolls do not react with almost any substance. TPE soft rubber dolls are not resistant to high temperatures, and anti-aging is not as good as silicone dolls.

7. Price

The price of silicone raw materials is several times that of TPE, so silicone dolls are much more expensive than TPE dolls. TPE dolls can start at CNY 5,000 to 8,000, while silicone dolls are generally more than CNY 10,000.


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