Silicone Mold Casting Different Materials Use Times Reference Table

When we use silicone molds to cast products, we will pay attention to the number of uses, that is, the service life of silicone molds, because this is directly related to the cost of production, the common casting materials on the market today are resin, plaster, cement, wax, soap, etc. The number of uses of silicone molds for different materials will be different, listed below are the number of uses of some common casting materials for your reference.

Serial number Casting Material Number of times
1 Resin 500±100
2 Plaster Products 1000±200
3 Cement, Concrete 400±200
4 Magnesium Oxide 600±100
5 Tire Rubber 600±100
6 Polyurethane 600±100
7 Candles 700±100
8 PU Resin 20±10

There are many factors that affect the use times of silicone molds. The first is the purity of the silicone raw materials used to make the mold, high-quality more durable than poor quality, as well as the choice of silicone hardness; second is the casting material, some materials will release a lot of heat, which will increase the aging of the silicone mold and thus affect the service life, in addition to the size of the product, shape, etc., generally speaking, the larger the specifications or the more complex the pattern of the more serious wear This is also an important reason that affects the number of uses.

So to increase the service life of silicone, it is not only necessary to choose qualified and suitable silicone raw materials to make the mold, but also related to the use of silicone mold maintenance.


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