What is the Powder Precipitate in the Silicone Potting Compound?

Users who are new to silicone potting compounds will find that there is a layer of powdery sediment on the bottom of the raw material barrel they purchased, so they will doubt whether the product is defective and will it affect the use. The sediment will be explained clearly below.

By comparing clear and colored silicone potting compounds, we will find that the thermal conductivity of clear silicone potting compound is only 0.2~0.3W/m·K, because the thermal conductivity and flame retardant properties of transparent potting adhesives can only rely on silicone raw materials' own characteristics, while colored silicone potting compound can reach about 1.0W/m-K by adding thermally conductive powder.

From the above analysis, we can know that the powder deposit at the bottom of the barrel is not a product quality problem, but a kind of powder that helps to improve the thermal conductivity and flame retardancy of the silicone potting compound. When we use it, we can mix the powder evenly, and we don't have to worry about whether it will affect the effect after potting.


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