The Difference Between Transparent Silicone and TPU Material

Transparent silicone rubber and TPU are two elastomeric materials that look somewhat similar, but have different characteristics, so what is the difference between these two materials?

1. Material properties

Silicone rubber is a highly active adsorbent material, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, high adsorption performance, insoluble in water, good thermal stability, chemical stability, high mechanical strength, etc.

TPU full name is thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer, belongs to the thermoplastic elastomer TPE in a material, TPU material outstanding features are excellent wear resistance, excellent ozone resistance, high hardness (70-98 shore A), high strength, good elasticity, good oil resistance, chemical resistance and environmental performance, in the wet environment polyether ester hydrolysis stability far more than the polyester type.

2. Feature Comparison

1. The elasticity of silicone is slightly worse than TPU. In addition, the transparency of TPU material is very high, but the transparency of transparent silicone rubber will look like a hazy feeling.

2. The TUP material is harder and the silicone rubber material is softer.

3. TPU material has better abrasion resistance, impact resistance and shock absorption than silicone material.

4. TUP material has better aging resistance than silicone material.

5. Silicone material is softer and less elastic, while TUP material is the opposite.

6. The feel of silicone is hard, less style, easy to greasy, slightly poor fit, easy to stick to the gray layer, while TPU material has excellent cold resistance, oil resistance, water resistance and mold resistance.

7. TUP material is more prone to yellowing than silicone material, not easy to release, and relatively low production efficiency.

3. Applications

The clear silicone puff is made of transparent jelly-like liquid silicone rubber as raw material, and then covered with a thin film of TPU material on the surface of the product, it is because of this layer of TPU film is conducive to the even application of the foundation. If only from the surface of the silicone puff and silicone insoles are extremely similar, but in fact, it is not the same, silicone puff using silicone raw materials feel more slippery, not easy to absorb powder, conducive to the application of thin foundation.


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