Which is Better: Translucent or White Tin-Cured Silicone

Tin-cured silicone rubber is a common raw material for making silicone molds, the default colors of manufacturers are white and translucent, many people are not clear which is better when buying, the following is to share the difference between translucent and white silicone.

The raw material of tin-cured silicone rubber is generally translucent when it is produced, and the white one is a kind of powder added on the basis of translucent. The main difference between the two is the different filling compositions.

Translucent tin-cured silicone is mainly filled with fumed silica, which has a small particle size and a good reinforcing effect, which makes the strength of translucent silicone rubber relatively high, and its tensile, tear resistance, and use times are relatively better.

White tin-cured silicone is mainly filled with calcium carbonate, silicon micropowder, titanium oxide, zinc oxide and some contain precipitated silica, the performance of this white silicone is not as good as the translucent, because the ordinary filler is mainly used to reduce costs, of course, if it is well formulated, it can also be adjusted to the same strength as translucent silicone, but the density of silica gel will be greater.

For tin-cured silicone with a hardness of 40 shore A and above, it is usually only white, because the translucent silicone can only be formulated with high hardness after adding powder. Although the color does not completely determine which quality is better, in general, translucent is better than white.


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