Artesão Cookie Molds Factory

Our eclectic designs mean there's sure to be something unique for every personality or occasion.

“Well-made mold is easy to work with and gives great detail. I now have three of these and despite giving the molds a real work-out, they look like new. Susan is a pleasure to work with!” Prancing Pony

Each design is hand sculpted and individually cast, ensuring attention to detail in every step. These flexible food-safe silicone molds require no dusting or oiling before use; simply press dough into the mold, then peel the mold off of the dough and bake. 

Artesão Cookie Molds are food-safe flexible silicone. Although oven-safe up to approximately 450˚F, the dough is not intended to be baked in the mold. The dough is released from the mold before baking. This lets you make sheets of cookies with a single mold.

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