Suzhou BetelyPolymer Materials Co.,Ltd. Factory

  • 400-9263-800
  • No.12 Dongzhou Road,Changshu Economicd Evelopment Zone, Jiangsu China

BTL was established in the year of 2000. And there are totally 5 companies- Suzhou BetelyPolymer Materials Co.,Ltd, Dongguan City BetterlyNew Materials Co., Ltd, Jiangxi BetelyNew Materials Co., Ltd, Wuxi JingruiPhotoelectric New Materials Co.,Ltd,Dongguan GuanyuTrading  Co.,Ltd. The head office is located in Suzhou. And investment in fixed assets exceeded 100 million yuan.  

Our company is committed to develop high-tech industries. With strong research and development strength as the core competitiveness, on the basis of perfect production facilities, We pay a close attention to the international trend of the industry, develop new products and adhere to a high starting point positioning to provide one-stop professional products and technical solutions. We produce conductive silver paste, LED encapsulate, silicon rubber, UV curing material, coatings and inks, semiconductor material and so on which are applied in various fields , such as 3C electronics, touch screen, EMI, NFC, FRID, LSR, encapsulate glue, protective film, release film, solar energy and semiconductor.

Our company focuses on the professional research and development of electronic chemical materials . And we are a National High-Tech Enterprise who has established a number of R&D centers, and maintained close cooperation with universities. Many years of operation has achieved many  achievements, Especially in conductive paste field. We have advanced technology and exquisite process so that many new application fields of conductive sliver paste have been developed and a number of domestic conductive paste application field blank has been filled. Adhering to the business philosophy of "openness, cooperation, sharing and win-win" and relying on professional products and perfect services, the company has won the trust and support of the majority of customers and established a good brand image in the industry.

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