Claire Tennant Workshop Factory


Originally from Melbourne, Australia; I obtained my degree in Industrial Design (BA, Des) at Swinburne University of Technology.

Always keen to use my hands, I found myself drawn to the ‘doing and making’ over the designing and fell into work in film and television industry for a number of years, specialising in the ‘Stop motion’ animation field.

After gaining feature film experience here in Australia, I followed my nose over to the U.K to broaden my skill set and find more film work.
My two years in London and Manchester saw me involved with some of the biggest films of those years.

Some of the more notable films I’ve been involved with are Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie, Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mister Fox and Adam Elliot’s Australian masterpiece Mary and Max.

Some TV series’ I have been involved with that you might have come across here in Australia include Raa Raa The Noisy Lion, Rastamouse, Postman Pat, and most recently Bottersnikes and Gumbles.

Upon my return from the U.K, I made the move to Sydney to follow a new direction and spent a number of years casting bronze sculpture in two different art foundries.

This gave me a real insight into the art world of Sydney and allowed me to work on some exceptionally high quality sculpture, many of them public art pieces.

I very much enjoyed the ‘hard slog’ of the foundry work and proved to myself and many others that women can do whatever they want!

Now with my own workshop and staff in the Inner West of Sydney, I find myself more commonly working with artists and sculptors to realise their visions in three dimensions.

Sometimes they bring me a finished sculpture to mould and cast, other times they bring me a sketch to work from. Every day is different!

I have been lucky enough to work with some high profile artists such as Louis Pratt, Janet Lawrence, Evert Ploeg, Alan Somerville, Linda Klarfeld, Guy Maestri, Hany Armanious, and Dale Frank in recent years.

Sculpture is always a challenge but I love the variety of ideas that come through my door every day.

My experience has led me to work on projects with The Garvan Institute, Nickelodeon, Taronga Zoo, The National Aquatics Centre, Vodafone, and Fox Studios.

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