Z.S.R International Group(HONG KONG)CO., LIMITED Factory

Z.S.R International Group(HONG KONG) CO., LIMITED,is a one-stop supplier and silicone molding solution provider in the complete silicone consumer products filed founded in 2007. We support our partner consumer silicone products from idea to market. We are the partner of choice for leading silicone consumer products companies and retailers. Recognized for delivering innovative products, manufacturing expertise, and technical solutions. 

Our in-house capabilities include: 

  1. Product design and development
  2. Engineering&silicone mold making
  3. Silicone Molding: 

    Compression molding, 

     Liquid silicone rubber (LSR )molding, LSR double color-molding, 

    CO-injection dripping molding for Multicolored silicone products

  4. Printing and painting
  5. Assembly and package
  6. Quality assurance&logistics help.

This creates a one-stop solution to meet your scalability requirements.

The factory consists of a strong engineering Design team; precision mold manufacturing workshops; the Post-forming department; the QC department, the department of packaging. With 4 sets of advanced CNC machining centers and 3 sets of EDM spark machine for tooling; 20sets of the compression molding machine, 6 sets of liquid silicone rubber molding machine, 8 sets of co-injection silicone molding machine for producing, over 10 Printing & Spray line, also owned a large Dust-free Packing workshop.

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