ET Elastomer Technik GmbH Factory

Our series production is adjusted to our customer's needs to produce with ISO-certified technologies small, medium and large lot sizes - ranging from double digit to 200 million parts.

We manufacture our sophisticated and high-quality elastomer components in various sizes and accuracies with injection moulding. A broad range of technologies is the basis of our successful manufacturing - With an identical machine park of more than 50 injection moulding machines we achieve a flexible and precise production. Modern technologies guarantee the best quality for you, increased productivity, as well as the highest process reliability - maximal satisfaction for you and your customers.

We offer:

  1. Injection moulding of liquid and solid silicone (LSR / HTV).
  2. Injection moulding of liquid and solid silicone (LSR / HTV) for micro-devices.
  3. Two-component injection moulding (plastic - silicone, metal - silicone).

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