Elkem Silicones Factory

Elkem started as a Norwegian company founded in 1904 by Sam Eyde, representing strong industrial traditions and continuous improvement. After being acquired by Orkla in 2005, selling off the aluminium and power businesses, and being acquired by China National Bluestar in 2011, Elkem has now returned its main focus to the business areas that started with the invention of the Söderberg electrode in 1917. With the sustainable and innovative production of silicones, silicon for renewable energy, silicon-based alloys and carbon products, we are looking to strengthen our position in key markets as well as to expand in new parts of the world.

Elkem Silicones, a global integrated silicone manufacturer, proud of the personal touch that embodies our products and services. We operate worldwide through a network of nine silicone production sites, conveniently located close to our customers’ manufacturing facilities.

This global presence enables us to ensure secure and flexible supplies for our customers. We operate specific workshops to produce our various silicone technologies:

  • Silicone RESINS
  • Silicone OILS & GUMS
  • Silicone ELASTOMERS (HCR, LSR, RTV-2, RTV-1)

Elkem Silicones has been active in the silicone industry for over 65 years. We believe that making quality silicone products begins by carefully listening to our customers and understanding their requirements. We then manufacture the right products, supplying our customers with customized formulations and unique silicone technology solutions.

Our commitment : As a silicone manufacturer we must use the best quality silicon. This is why we merged with Elkem Norway, which transforms silicates to silicon, giving us full control in vertical integration, a secure supply source and consistent quality raw materials.

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