Endose Molds Factory

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  • 5606 Corporate Ave, Cypress, CA 90630, USA

Endose is not just another custom candy mold manufacturer, we take an entirely different approach when it comes to our clients. We value creating lasting partnerships and delivering awesome experiences to every single part of the supply chain. 

Clients who work with us get dedicated resources to help successfully develop and launch custom candy products.

We’ve helped our clients with:

  1. Creating truly unique one of a kind custom molds to help their brand stand out.
  2. Sourcing equipment that allows them to better serve their contract manufacturing clients.
  3. Reformulating existing gummy recipes to be 4x more efficient and allow for higher output.
  4. Creating SOPS for custom formulas.

Brands need to know:

  1. What type of gummy to make and why.
  2. How to make a shelf stable gummy product.
  3. Where should ingredients be sourced? 
  4. Who should manufacture our product? 
  5. How will the candy look when it's done & will it fit in our packaging?
  6.  What is the most cost effective way to achieve our goal?
  7. How do we remove complexity from this project? 

We have over twelve years of experience working in the California cannabis industry where we launched products in the California, Oregon, Nevada, and Massachusetts markets. One roadblock that kept disrupting our product launches at several companies was that developing and manufacturing candy products was easier said than done, and the tools we wanted, simply did not exist. We took note of those experiences and paired with gummy obsession, we found ourselves down this path. 

Our goal is to help other brands and product managers develop and launch better gummy products. Since our humble beginnings, we've trained with some of the best teachers in the confectionery world in nutraceutical gummy formulation, confectionery science, and flavor in addition to custom mold manufacturing services.

 Whether we are designing custom equipment and methods for gummy manufacturing using our molds or helping brands develop their dream gummy formula, we formulate sweet success for our clients.

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