Zhejiang Fushite Silicon Co., Ltd. Factory

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Zhejiang FuShiTe Group Co., Ltd, the former Jiangshan FuShiTe chemical company,  originated in 1992. After nearly three decades of development, the company has now become a professional high-tech enterprise in silicon new materials’ production, research and development, and sales. The company, located in Quzhou fluorine silicon new materials high-tech industrial park. enjoyed a high reputation in the domestic silicone industry. It is China's organic fluorine silicon professional association executive director of the unit, professional vice chairman of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation of new materials, Zhejiang Silicone Industry Association. It is also one of high-tech, creative, and patent demonstration enterprises in Quzhou City.

The company has silicone textile auxiliaries production equipment with an annual production capacity of 10,000 tons. Our leading products include series of silicone fabric softener 130,150, which, maintain the leading place in both the industry and the technology after more than 20 years of market testing and baptism, through continuous innovation, extension and perfection .

The company has a plant with an annual output of 5,000 tons of fumed silica, which, as high-tech products, has stable quality, good performance, high purity, uniform particle size, high pH value, low moisture content, and low impurities. Silicone rubber, produced with it high in transparency, good in reinforcement performance, low in yellowing rate, can replace imported products. According to the world's major silicon material manufacturers’ rankings released in 2013 by the National Silicon Industry Green Development Strategy Alliance (SAGSI), our fumed silica products ranked eighth in the world.

Fu Shi Te Silicone Rubber Co., Ltd has one branch company in Jiangshan's economic development zone with silicone rubber production equipment producing 5,000 tons of high-temperature vulcanized silicone annually, with production equipment  in Quzhou High-tech Industrial Park producing 10,000 tons of silicone rubber and 10,000 tons of liquid silicone rubber annually. With a good reputation among clients, its products are sold in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Fujian and other places, and widely used in baby supplies, medical equipment, home life and other fields. Apart from that, our company also provides the market with a set of silicone rubber products and try to achieve targeted production, and strive to become the largest domestic e-commerce customized and distributing suppliers.

Based on the existing production equipment with an output of 20,000 tons of silane coupling agent, Zhejiang Fu Shi Te silane company has set up a program of producing 20,000 tons of trichlorosilane, which helped to update the structure of the company ‘s products and achieve the purpose of the company's internal resources recycling. The S-silane coupling agent Si-69 and Si-75 developed by our company have been widely used in composites, especially in improving the elastic modulus and tensile strength of rubber, and remarkably improving the rubber’s function of wear-resistance, compression performance and tear resistance, while reducing the rubber’s viscosity to save processing energy.

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