Laur Silicone Rubber Compounding, Inc. Factory

  • (989) 435-7400
  • 4930 S. M-18, Beaverton, Michigan 48612, USA

Tom and Rose Mary Laur incorporated Laur Silicone Rubber Compounding, Inc in 1976 with the sole purpose of custom formulating and mixing silicone rubber. In January 1977, Dan Laur was hired as the first employee.

Laur Silicone, Inc. maintains a clean, non-contaminated workplace, which results in a superior product. Laur Silicone is devoted exclusively to manufacturing silicone rubber, allowing us to provide fast, dependable service. We are specialized to better serve you – our customer.

Tom Laur obtained several silicone patents. Through specialization, our staff has been able to maintain a high level of technical expertise.

In 2004, Laur Silicone developed a ONE PART® heat curable liquid silicone. This advancement allowed for practical fully compound liquid silicone rubber systems. EASY CURE® Technology greatly reduced the requirements for meter mix equipment.  

Laur Silicone works only with silicone rubber, ensuring a clean non-contaminated product. We can produce compounds specifically requested by formulation, government specification, or custom design one to fit your particular need. This provides a fast, efficient service.

Our custom compounds can help you reduce inventory, cut government compliance costs, and help provide a cleaner, safer workplace by eliminating powders and pigments.

Laur Silicone does not fabricate rubber parts; we do not compete with you. The formulating and mixing of silicone rubber is our only business. Our well-equipped facility enables us to provide lab samples, pilot runs for trial scale ups, and any size production quantities. A well-equipped laboratory provides not only product development, but also stringent quality control testing. We can offer a variety of packaging options to meet your diverse needs, including: gallon sized containers, drum boxes, and packaging off a strainer. Care is always taken to ensure that you receive material in a clean undamaged form.

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