PHU Marek Domański Trader

  • 602-605-399
  • ul.Przeskok 26 05-092 Łomianki, Poland Europe

My name is Marek. I started my adventure with modeling about 20 years ago. For the first years, I had a modeling company in which we made models and molds from modeling plates, and we cast thermoforming molds, models, prototype technical and decorative elements from polyurethane resins and molding silicones.

For many years I worked as a technical and commercial advisor at AMOD-Andrzej Modrzewski

Years of working with Mr. Andrzej and running my own pattern shop gave me extensive knowledge in the field of making models, forms of polyurethane and resin plates, casting prototypes, and a large amount of information about the market related to modeling materials, in particular modeling plates

Currently, I have started my own commercial activity and apart from modeling plates and resins, I also offer technical advice and support in the selection of materials in the field of modeling as well as practical training in the correct use of modeling materials. 

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