Shenzhen Sipolysun Technology Co. Ltd. Trader

  • +86 189 2463 3489
  • Longhua District, Shenzhen, Guangdong China

Sipolysun is a superior supplier of customized & integrated silicone solutions, and a team of silicone specialist, we are focused on the market and close to customers, aim to provide every customer the most fitting solutions project by project.

Support customer with different kinds of special silicones and integrated solutions with different kinds of agents.

Sipolysun is company passed through international system qualification, such as ISO9001, ISO14000 and QC08000. We support customers with precise data analyze, pragmatic design style, strict quality control and impeccable management system. We regard energy saving, safety and eco green materials, industrial automation realization and improvement of labors’ health and dignity.

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