Starlim Spritzguss GmbH Factory

  • +43 (0) 7243 58 59 6-0
  • Mühlstraße 21, 4614 Marchtrenk, Austria Europe

Starlim is the world’s largest processor of liquid silicone and specializes in the injection molding production of small parts made of silicone using one-component and multi-component technology. Our silicone parts can be found, for example, in cars, in baby pacifiers, but also in the kitchen drawer – often visible, but sometimes also installed invisibly. Our clear focus is on mass production.

As part of an international group of companies (Austria, Canada, China, Germany, Italy, Morocco), we produce over 14 billion silicone parts every year for a wide variety of industries and applications. starlim is not only a contract manufacturer, but also a B2B supplier and Tier 2 or Tier 3 supplier for the automotive industry.

starlim is still a family-run company that has been run by the owners since it was founded in 1984. You can read about other highlights from the history of the successful silicone injection molding specialist in our company history.

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