Vector Molds Factory

At Vector Molds, our mission is to provide silicone mold solutions for the production and scaling issues that all CBD and cannabis companies are facing in our growing industry.

As the industry grows, more and more competition enters every sector of the business. Vector Molds was - and still is - the first and only silicone mold provider to focus exclusively on the cannabis and CBD markets.

Our experience in the industry gives us strategic insight on the exact issues companies are facing when scaling their business, expanding into new regions and deciding which manufacturing efficiencies to maximize in order to deliver the biggest competitive advantages.

When we partner with a company, we don’t see it as us simply becoming your mold provider. We pride ourselves on becoming a valued asset that helps you identify inefficiencies in the kitchen, stay ahead of regulatory hangups and ensure that no matter what issues you may run into while scaling your business - food-grade gummy molds, won’t ever again be one of them!

We work hard, stay busy and enjoy what we do - we’d like to team up with more companies that are looking do the same.

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