Silicones Tutorials

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    Make Figurine Silicone Molds and Cast Resin

    This is a video tutorial for replicating figurine crafts using rtv silicone raw materials, each step is very detailed and has precautions, very suitable for beginners.……

    Jan 11, 20220
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    How to Make a Bronze Sculpture Silicone Mold Making

    This video records in detail the process of making silicone molds for bronze sculptures, as the shape of this model is more complex, the process used here is to make a two-part silicone mold to cast r……

    Jan 08, 20220
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    How to Make two-part Silicone Molds to Cast Figure Sculptures

    If there is no vacuum pump, you can reduce the curing agent to extend the operating time when making the silicone mold. When pouring the silicone, slowly drip it against the same position of the maste……

    Jan 07, 20220
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    The Process of Making Silicone Molds for Horse Crafts

    This video tutorial shows the use of rtv-2 platinum cured silicone material to make a silicone mold for a plastic horse model. Because the plastic horse model is more complicated, the production proce……

    Jan 06, 20220
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    How To Degas Viscous Materials with a Vacuum Pump

    RTV-2 silicone rubber and polyurethane are commonly used materials when making silicone mold casting resin, because these materials have a certain viscosity, mixing and stirring will produce bubbles.……

    Jan 05, 20220
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    The Correct way To Use Silicone Potting Compound

    Silicone potting compound is a two-component silicone material consisting of A and B parts, which is widely used in sealing electronic components and can play the role of waterproof,  moisture-proof, ……

    Jan 04, 20220
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    Step by Step Tutorial on Making Silicone Molds

    This is a step-by-step example tutorial for making silicone molds, covering the essentials of how to make molds using silicone. If you want to learn the process of making silicone molds, we suggest yo……

    Jan 03, 20220
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    Gypsum Silicone Mold Making Example Tutorial

    Silicone molds are the ideal material for casting plaster products. The following is an example tutorial of plaster silicone mold making, including the tools and materials that need to be used, and th……

    Jan 02, 20220
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    The Whole Process of Making Silicone Mold and Casting Epoxy Resin

    The crystal clear appearance of epoxy resin crafts is very popular with everyone. Many people want to DIY their own personalized resin crafts. Let me share with you the whole process of making epoxy c……

    Jan 01, 20220
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    Process Flow of Making Ring Jewelry with Transparent Silicone

    Transparent silicone raw materials are ideal for making jewelry items. The silicone molds made not only have extremely low shrinkage, but also can be observed to see if the cast material has bubbles a……

    Dec 31, 20210