Silicones Tutorials

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    Steps to Make a One-Piece Silicone Mold

    Silicone molds are suitable for most materials casting molding, below we share with you the steps of making one-piece silicone molds, the process is very simple and perfect for beginners to imitate th……

    Dec 30, 20210
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    What is the Manufacturing Process of Silicone Powder Puff

    Silicone powder puff is a common tool for makeup, firstly popular in the Japanese market first in 2016. Silicone powder puff has a series of advantages such as no bacteria breeding, easy cleaning, and……

    Dec 29, 20210
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    How To Make Silicone Molds by Hand with Silicone Putty

    Compared with rtv-2 liquid silicone, the biggest advantage of silicone putty to make silicone molds is that it is simple and fast to operate, and there are no bubbles.……

    Dec 28, 20210
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    The Whole Process of Making Silicone Mold by Brush Mold Process

    The brush molding process is very suitable for the production of silicone molds with complex shapes or fine grain product models. The molds produced by this process are both material-saving and durabl……

    Dec 27, 20210
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    Steps for Making a Two-Part Silicone Mold

    Two-part silicone molds are also called male and female molds, the one with protruding parts is called male mold and the one with concave is called female mold, and the two can be combined to form a c……

    Dec 26, 20210
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    Make Silicone Molds and Cast Polyurethane Resin Parts

    The infusion process is a common process for making simple silicone molds, and is generally suitable for making product models with simple rules.……

    Dec 25, 20210
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    Three Molding Processes for HTV Silicone Rubber Raw Materials

    HTV silicone rubber belongs to a kind of silicone rubber raw materials, widely used in aviation, aerospace, electronic and electrical, light industry, machinery, construction, chemical industry, medic……

    Dec 24, 20210
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    Tools and Materials Needed to Make Silicone Molds

    To help beginners make silicone molds, the tools and materials that may be used in the mold making process are listed below. You can choose and prepare according to your actual situation.……

    May 04, 20210
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    Two-Piece Silicone Mold Making step by step Tutorial

    Making molds from rtv silicone rubber is not as difficult as it may sound. With our step-by-step instructions you can make a great silicone mold, even if you are a beginner. ……

    May 03, 20210
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    Single-Piece Silicone Mold Making step by step Tutorial

    Single-piece silicone molds are ideal for designs that have a flat side and no deep undercuts. One-piece silicone molds are like ice cube trays. You fill the mold and then let the material set. ……

    May 02, 20210