Steps to Make a One-Piece Silicone Mold

Silicone molds are suitable for most materials casting molding, below we share with you the steps of making one-piece silicone molds, the process is very simple and perfect for beginners to imitate the operation.

Tools and Materials

1. Master model: 3D printed model

2. Silicone material: tin-cured silicone

3. Electronic scale

4. Nitrile gloves

5. Mixing container and stirring rod

7. Hot melt glue gun and glue stick

Step 1: Build the mold frame: Make a suitable mold frame according to the size of the master model. Here we are using the bottom part of a plastic barrel.

Step 2: Configure the silicone: Weigh an appropriate amount of Part A liquid silicone, and add the Part B curing agent at a ratio of 100:3, and then mix together and stir evenly. If you want to color, you can add silicone pigments and mix together. It is recommended to wear nitrile gloves to avoid silica gel sticking to your hands and difficult to clean.

Step 3: Vacuum defoaming: In order to make the silicone molds without bubbles, put the mixed liquid silicone into the vacuum pump for defoaming.

Step 4: Pour the silicone: align the liquid silicone to the highest point position of the master model, make it drip slowly in a filamentary shape, and level it naturally in the mold frame, this method of pouring silicone can reduce air bubbles.

Step 5: Curing and mold removal: After the silicone is completely cured, the mold frame can be removed, and the master model and the silicone mold can be separated.

Step 6: Complete the production: the edges of the silicone mold will be simply trimmed that is to complete the whole process. The silicone mold can replicate the fine pattern on the master model perfectly, and has excellent tear strength and outstanding flexibility, it can repeatedly cast the material many times to produce products.


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