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RTV Silicone Rubber

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    How to Cast Polyurethane Resin Parts Using Silicone Molds

    Pressure casting resin using a pressure casting pot (pressure casting chamber) with Smooth-On resin, pouring two part resin, cast resin mold, demolding, and mold release for resin. This is geared towa……

    May 12, 20220
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    How to Make Silicone Molds of Complex Shapes

    Today I will lead you to teach you step by step how to make complex silicone molds. Such complex molds are usually divided into two halves to make, which is what we often call male and female silicone……

    May 07, 20220
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    Making a Two-piece Silicone Mold for Casting Plaster

    Today's tutorial records the process of casting gypsum material by making a two-piece silicone mold, which is suitable for making silicone molds for more complex models such as small statues, toys, a……

    May 06, 20220
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    The Whole Process of Making Silicone Molds with RTV Silicone

    This is a record of the whole process of making silicone molds using RTV-2 platinum cured silicone, which is for beginners who love silicone molds to learn, including the tools and materials used, as ……

    May 05, 20220
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    Process of Vacuum Casting Material in Transparent Silicone Molds

    This video details the process of making a transparent silicone mold using platinum-cured liquid silicone and vacuum casting the material in the silicone mold. This video can give you an understanding……

    Mar 12, 20220
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    Jewelry Industry Lost Wax Casting Process Show

    The lost wax casting process occupies an important position in the production methods of the jewelry manufacturing industry. ……

    Mar 11, 20220
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    Silicone Mold Vacuum Casting Material Process Display

    This video records the entire process of vacuum casting liquid materials through silicone molds. The steps are clear and organized, and easy to understand. If you want to learn about vacuum casting te……

    Mar 10, 20220
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    Making Jewelry Clear Silicone Molds and Inject Wax

    The video details the entire process of making a silicone mold for ring jewelry and injecting it with wax, with clear explanations of each step, especially the cutting technique after the silicone is ……

    Jan 13, 20220
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    How to Make Silicone Molds for Casting Thin Wall Resin

    In the past, the two-part silicone mold cavities we made were relatively wide and thick. This video records the production of very thin cavity silicone molds.……

    Jan 12, 20220
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    Make Figurine Silicone Molds and Cast Resin

    This is a video tutorial for replicating figurine crafts using rtv silicone raw materials, each step is very detailed and has precautions, very suitable for beginners.……

    Jan 11, 20220