The Whole Process of Making Silicone Mold and Casting Epoxy Resin

The crystal clear appearance of epoxy resin crafts is very popular with everyone. Many people want to DIY their own personalized resin crafts. Let me share with you the whole process of making epoxy crafts.

1. Prepare a resin master model to be copied. According to the shape of the model, we will make a two-part silicone mold for casting resin.

2. We first make the male model part of the silicone mold, as shown in the figure, knead the clay into a shape that matches the resin model, and punch positioning holes on the periphery.

3. Build a mold frame around the clay with a wooden board, pay attention to using hot melt glue to seal the gap around the mold frame completely, otherwise the liquid silicone will seep out from the gap.

4. Spraying mold release agents on the surface is more helpful to release the mold after curing.

5. Prepare the rtv-2 silicone. used here is 25 Shore A tin curing silicone, of course, you can also choose platinum-cured silicone, if you use platinum-cured silicone to pay attention to the use of sulfur-free clay, otherwise it will lead to silicone anti-poisoning reaction that can not be cured.

6. Configure silicone, take an appropriate amount of rtv-2 silicone raw material in a ratio of 100:3, mix part A and part B and stir evenly. The ratio of the curing agent determines the curing speed. You can use the curing agent in a ratio of 100:1.5 to 100:5 according to your actual situation.

7. Vacuum defoaming. If there is a vacuum pump is recommended to vacuum defoaming process, to avoid making silicone molds will have a lot of small bubbles. Note that the vacuum debubbling can not be too long, otherwise the silicon material will be cross-linked and cured in advance.

8. Pour the mixed and stirred liquid silicone slowly in a filamentary form, which will help reduce silicone bubbles.

9. Wait for about 10 hours for the silicone to fully cure, remove the mold frame and complete the male model part of the silicone mold.

10. As shown in the picture, remove the clay, turn the mold upside down and repeat the steps of making the male model part to make the female model part.

11. Complete the two-part silicone mold making of the male model and the female model.

12. Prepare the epoxy resin and start casting.

13. Combine the male and female model silicone molds together as shown below and secure them with rubber bands.

14. Mix the epoxy resin material A and B part according to 1:1 ratio and stir well.

15. Pour the mixed epoxy resin material into the cavity of the silicone mold.

16. After the resin is cured, the mold can be opened and taken out.


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