How To Make Silicone Molds by Hand with Silicone Putty

Compared with rtv-2 liquid silicone, the biggest advantage of silicone putty to make silicone molds is that it is simple and fast to operate, and there are no bubbles. This material is very suitable for small and simple model making. The following is a process flow of using silicone putty to make silicone molds by hand.

  • Step 1: Master Model Preparation

    Clean the master model and apply glue on the bottom to fix it.

  • Step 2: Fix the Master Model

    Fix the master model tightly on the flat working plate.

  • Step 3: Prepare Silicone Putty

    Take the appropriate amount of part A (white) and part B (blue) silicone putty in the ratio of 1:1. Part A contains the catalyst and Part B is the base silicone raw material.

  • Step 4: Mix AB Silicone

    Mix the white part A and the blue part B of the silicone putty and knead evenly.

  • Step 5: Preliminarily Apply Silicone

    First, apply a layer on the surface of the master model so that the silicone putty can be distributed on the fine lines on the surface of the model.

  • Step 6: Apply Again

    Continue to add silicone putty on the surface to increase the thickness of the silicone mold.

  • Step 7: Finishing Shape

    Increase to the right thickness and trim the overall shape.

  • Step 8: Separation and Demoulding

    Wait about 30 minutes for the silicone putty to solidify and then separate and complete the production of the silicone mold.


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