Vinyl Terminated Silicone Oil

Synonym: Vinyl Terminated Polydimethylsiloxane α,ω Vinyl Silicone Fluid Vinyl Terminated PDMS Vinyl Silicone Oil

Vinyl terminated silicone oil is a polydimethylsiloxane with a vinyl group at both ends of the molecular chain. It is an excellent and active intermediate material. It belongs to addition polymer. It is nontoxic, insipid and colorless transparent liquid. Under the reaction of catalysts it can react with chemicals containing active oxygen to produce any kinds of special properties silicone products. Under reaction it doesn’t release any low molecular substance, and with low reaction variable.

vinyl terminated silicone fluid

Vinyl polymer is Vinyl terminated polysiloxane, the vinyl content will change with different viscosity. In order to realize different hardness, it can be used as a basic polymer or filler. The polymer is cured by hydrogen containing silicone oil vulcanization and platinum catalyst.

Vinyl silicone oil mainly includes vinyl terminated polydimethylsiloxane (VI PDMS) and vinyl terminated polymethyl vinyl siloxane (VI PMVs). Products with different viscosity and vinyl content can be provided according to needs.

Chemical Properties

Color: Colorless clear liquid

Cas No.: 68083-19-2

Molecular Formula: (CH2=CH)Si(CH3)2O[(CH3)2 SiO]n(CH3)2Si(CH=CH2)

vinyl terminated silicone fluid molecular structure

Vinyl Content: 0.9%~1.2%

Specific Gravity 25°C: 0.96~0.97

Boiling point: 93 ℃

Flash point: 230 ℃


Vinyl terminated silicone fluid can be used for the surface lubrication, scratch resistance, internal lubrication, demoulding effect, release agent, low temperature soft inside, plasticizer, thermal stability and electrical insulation, weather resistance, waterproof, gas permeability, thermoplastic extrusion upgrade, etc.

The following are typical uses:

1. Used as the base material for the production of high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber (HTV), prepared with crosslinking agent, reinforcing agent, colorant, structure control agent, aging resistance agent, etc.

2. Liquid silicone rubber: which is the main material of injection molding silicone rubber, production of baby silicone, human silicone, pad printing silicone, mold gum, silicone ink, trademark gum and other fields;

3. Electronic potting compound: power supply, electrical appliances, LED lamp adhesive filling and sealing and other fields.

4. Vinyl terminated silicone fluid reacts with a variety of organic materials such as polyurethane and acrylic acid, and can be made into new materials with superior properties (weather resistance, aging resistance, ultraviolet resistance, enhanced toughness, etc.).

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