The Whole Process of Making Silicone Mold by Brush Mold Process

The brush molding process is very suitable for the production of silicone molds with complex shapes or fine grain product models. The molds produced by this process are both material-saving and durable. Let's share with you the process of making silicone molds by brushing mold technology through examples.

1. Prepare the master, clean the model and dry it.

prepare the master model

2. Fix the master and apply a release agent on the surface to prevent the silicone and master from sticking together and difficult to separate after curing.

fixed master

3. Pour the blended RTV silicone raw material on the surface of the master plate. If the liquid silicone is too thin and flows too fast, use a silicone thickener to slow down the flow of silicone.

pour liquid silicone

4. Use a brush to apply the liquid silicone evenly on the surface of the master, the thickness of the first layer is less than 1mm can not be too thick to cover the surface of the master.

applying liquid silicone

5. After the first layer of silicone is no longer flowing (about 30 minutes), stick a layer of gauze. If you don't want to wait, you can use a hot hairdryer to speed up the curing of the silicone. Repeat the above steps three or four times to increase the thickness until the thickness of the entire silicone mold is about 2-5mm.

This step is the key to the mold brushing process. By adding gauze multiple times, the strength and tear resistance of the silicone can be increased, and the service life of the silicone mold made will be greatly improved, thereby improving the efficiency of making products.


6. If the specifications of the produced model are relatively large, a hard outer mold can be made to support it to avoid deformation during use. The hard outer mold usually uses gypsum as the material, and the mixed gypsum powder is applied to the surface of the silica gel and waits for it to solidify.

wait for the silicone to cure

7. After curing, remove the mold and trim with scissors to complete the entire process.

silicone mold


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