Will Silicone Products Release Toxic Substances at High Temperatures

With the wide application of silicone materials, more and more silicone products we come into contact with in daily life. We all recognize the safety at room temperature, but many people wonder whether silicone products release toxic substances at high temperatures. Let’s discuss and analyze together.

silicone kitchenware products

The main component of silicone material is silicon, which is refined and processed from silicon ore, non-toxic and tasteless, with stable structural mechanical properties, and thus can resist extreme temperatures. Usually, ordinary silicone is resistant to temperatures ranging from -58-320℉, and food-grade silicone is resistant to temperatures from -58-482℉, and no chemical reaction will occur within 320°F to decompose colored objects. Silicone products that need to be used at high temperatures in life include silicone kitchenware, silicone molds for baking, etc. General baking and cooking will not reach 464℉, so baking tools and silicone kitchenware made of food-grade silicone are safe.

Food-grade silicone material has very good stability, so it will not release harmful substances when used at high temperatures. But try not to bake at a high temperature above 482°F. The silicone mold used for baking cannot be used at high temperatures for a long time, as the silicone will become soft for a long time.

There are many other silicone materials used in life, such as cosmetic breast enlargement, nose jobs, artificial organs and silicone pacifiers, so as long as you choose food-grade or medical-grade silicone products, they are safe and non-toxic.


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