How To Clean the Liquid Silicone Stuck on Hands and Tools

In the process of using RTV liquid silicone to make silicone molds, you will find that the silicone that sticks to your hands and tools is very troublesome to clean, here is how to quickly clean the liquid silicone that sticks to your hands and tools.

liquid silicone mold making

For accidentally sticking to the hands of liquid silicone we can directly use common soap, detergent, laundry detergent and other cleaning can be, for liquid silicone raw materials can be assured that this type of silicone is non-toxic, and will not cause harm to the skin, do not have to look for special solutions to clean, most of those solutions are harmful to human skin, if you feel the cleaning trouble, the operation is recommended to wear gloves.

For the silicone sticking to the stirring rod, stirring container, packaging barrel and other tools. You only need to add some curing agent, make it solidify and tear it off. Washing directly with water will be more troublesome.


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