How To Distinguish Between Food-Grade Silicone and Ordinary Silicone

Silicone rubber is divided into ordinary silicone and food-grade silicone, for these two kinds of silicone alone from the surface observation is difficult to distinguish which type belongs to, the following to share with you can distinguish between food-grade silicone and ordinary silicone method.

1. Look

By observation only applies to the distinction of transparent silicone, fully transparent silicone products must be food-grade. White, translucent and other colors of silica gel cannot be distinguished by observation.

transparent food grade silicone rubber

2. Pull or Fold in Half

This method is very simple, hold the silicone product with your hand, and then pull hard to both sides. If there are white traces, it is ordinary silicone, and the other way round is food-grade silicone. We can also "fold" the silicone, at the fold marks, if there is a white trace is ordinary silicone, and vice versa is food-grade silicone.

silicone with whitish marks at the fold

3 Smell

Get close to the silicone product and smell it. If the silicone has white traces and a pungent smell when pulled, it can be concluded that it is ordinary silicone.

Knowledge Expansion: Ordinary silicone is generally used in industrial products, and food-grade silicone is mostly used in food contact. Only food-grade silicone is certified by the US FDA and EU LFGB products, so for your health and safety, please choose food-grade silicone products for the silicone that needs to come into contact with food.


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