Precautions when Using HCR Silicone Molded Molding

HCR silicone molded molding is the most common and widely used silicone product production process in the silicone industry. The silicone buttons, silicone bracelets, silicone watches, cell phone covers, silicone kitchenware, silicone mats, ice grids, and cake molds in our daily life are all made of HCR silicone.

The main production process of molded silicone rubber products is a silicone processing process in which silicone rubber raw materials are molded into products by virtue of heating and pressurization in a closed mold cavity. In the molding process, in order to prevent the production of unqualified products, the working temperature, mold, time, placement, weight, etc. can determine whether to make a qualified product. According to the working principle of silicone molding, the molding master summarized four major points of hcr silicone molding process need to pay attention to the details of the problem.

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1. When the silicone product is molded, the silicone rubber raw material is pressed under high pressure, and its cohesive force cannot be eliminated due to the elastic body. When the silicone rubber is molded and released from the mold, it often produces extremely unstable shrinkage (the shrinkage rate of silicone rubber is different due to different types of rubber. However, there are differences), and it takes a period of time to relax and stabilize. Therefore, at the beginning of the design of silicone products, regardless of the formula or mold, careful calculation and comprehensive consideration are required, otherwise the size of the silicone product is likely to be unstable and the quality of the product will decrease.

2. Silicone rubber belongs to the hot-soluble thermosetting elastomer, while plastic belongs to the hot-soluble cold-setting. Silicone rubber because of the different types of silicone vulcanizing agent, its molding curing temperature range, there is also a considerable gap, and even silicone rubber vulcanization can be affected by climate change, indoor temperature and humidity. Therefore, the production conditions of silicone products need to make moderate adjustments at any time, otherwise, it may produce differences in the quality of products. 

3. silicone products are made of silicone raw materials for the refining machine after the refining of silicone rubber compounding rubber for raw materials, in the refining of rubber according to the characteristics of the required silicone rubber products and design the formula, and set the required product hardness and the type of silicone rubber vulcanizing agent required. The silicone rubber products are molded by the rubber plate vulcanizing machine. After molding, the product is finally treated with flying edges to make the surface smooth and burr-free.

4. Silicone rubber molding vulcanization process will appear sticky mold, warping, bubbles, not fully vulcanized white spots and other problems, the need to adjust the mold temperature, exhaust time, mold pressure, etc.

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