Ten Tips to Increase the Number of Times to use Silicone Molds

For most people who use silicone molds to cast their products, the most important concern is the number of times the silicone molds can be used, the following list of ten possible solutions to increase the number of times the silicone molds can be used, I hope it will help you.

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1. According to the casting material to choose the quality of qualified silicone raw materials, generally speaking, high-quality raw materials than poor-quality more durable, although the cost of high-quality raw materials more expensive, but can be the final cost of flat lower. In addition, the hardness of silicone should be appropriate, the best hardness of silicone toughness is 20 ~ 30 Shore A, although it is said that low hardness silicone viscosity low bubble less, easier to open the mold, but tear resistance, tensile is also relatively worse, so we should consider the comprehensive measure to buy.

2. The use of silicone raw materials to make silicone molds try to mix A and B components in the correct proportion, try not to add other reagents, if you want to add silicone oil to reduce the amount of viscosity should not exceed 5%-10%, the recommended use of room temperature curing method, if you want to heat up It is recommended to accelerate the curing within 80ºC, because the aging of the silicone mold is easy to accelerate at high temperature and affect its performance.

3. When making silicone molds to vacuum defoam treatment, after all, no bubble than the durability of the mold with bubbles is not the same, the use of the application of release agent to facilitate the release of the mold to reduce wear and tear.

4. The brush-on method is used when casting cement products, sculptures or large products, and glass fiber cloth is put inside to enhance its tear resistance. Although the pour-on method saves time and effort, it consumes more silicone raw materials, while the brush-on can consume less silicone raw materials. The disadvantage of the brush-on method is that the operation process is relatively tedious and complicated.

5. For casting resin products cured to be separated as soon as possible to take out, to avoid silicone mold is resin burned to speed up the aging, because unsaturated resin products with peroxide curing agent will generate a lot of heat after the general resin curing time of 3 minutes, so After 3 minutes, the mold must be demolded as soon as possible to slow down the aging of the silicone mold.

6. If you want to clean the silicone mold, you can't use corrosive reagents to clean, you can't use wire balls and other hard tools to clean, This will easily damage the surface of the mold, which will affect the subsequent casting products, and once the silicone mold If there is a crack, it can be easily torn along.

7. When the silicone mold is heated, it can only be baked in the oven, and cannot be close to the fire source and power source.

8. For silicone molds that need to be baked in the oven, if they are multi-cavity molds, make sure that each small compartment of the mold is filled with something, and if the ingredients are not enough to fill all the molds, fill the empty molds with water, as leaving them empty will reduce the life of the silicone molds. To achieve the best baking results, lightly spray a small amount of non-stick baking oil on the surface of the silicone cups before baking.

9. Silicone molds are easier to absorb dust due to static electricity, so when you finish using silicone molds, it is best to clean them in a cool and dry place, and store them in a sealed package.

10. For casting products with precise requirements of size, please try to choose addition silicone as raw material to make silicone molds, because the shrinkage rate of platinum cured silicone is relatively low, and at the same time, in order to reduce the shrinkage rate of silicone, when the silicone mold is idle, please set the master mold in the silicone mold.

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