The Difference Between Silicone and Latex Pacifier

The pacifier is an auxiliary product for feeding babies. For the health of the baby, the choice of the pacifier is very important. At present, there are two common pacifiers on the market: silicone and latex. Let's discuss the difference between silicone and latex pacifiers.

silicone pacifier

1. Product Raw Materials

Silicone pacifiers are made from medical-grade liquid silicone rubber raw materials that are safe, non-toxic, and odorless, but be aware that uncertified silicone rubber materials may have some harmful substances exceeding the standard.

Latex pacifiers, as the name suggests, are made of latex raw materials. They will become very soft at high temperatures, and inferior latex will produce toxins at high temperatures. It should be noted that latex products will only be toxic at high temperatures. As a pacifier It is safe to use.

latex pacifier

2. Durability

Silicone pacifiers can be repeatedly sterilized in boiling water many times, so the life of silicone pacifiers is relatively longer, but it should be noted that the boiling time should not be too long, otherwise the surface viscosity of the product will increase, pores will appear, and the aging will be accelerated. Latex pacifiers have weak anti-aging properties, so you need to avoid direct sunlight and store them in a cool and dry place.

3. Performance

Latex pacifiers have very good elasticity, are easy to return to their original shape, can resist pulling, and are not easily broken by biting. Silicone pacifiers are not as flexible as latex pacifiers, and the overall texture is harder. Any point of damage will be easy to tear along the crack.

4. Cost Price

Silicone raw materials are more expensive than latex raw materials. Therefore, the price of silicone pacifiers is more expensive than latex pacifiers, but the price is also within the acceptable range of most people.

5. Exterior Color

Usually, latex pacifiers are yellow, and silicone pacifiers are transparent. Transparent will give people a clean feeling, so most people will choose silicone pacifiers.

6. User Experience

Latex is relatively softer, and the baby feels closer to the mother's nipple when sucking, but latex tape has a rubbery taste, making latex pacifiers not every child likes.


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