How To Solve the Urethane Resin with Bubbles after Moisture

Urethane resin is a kind of material that is very easy to be damp, and the damp resin will produce very many bubbles. Here we will share the effective solution to solve the dampness of urethane resin.

polyurethane resin with bubbles

We can add some BAYLITH L MB (moisture scavenger) in the B part of polyurethane resin for 1 hour and test the effect before use. In order to achieve the best results, it is recommended to cast the parts under pressure in a pressure tank of 60-80 psi.

To avoid moisture problems, urethane resin manufacturers usually use small-volume packaging and vacuum-sealed, so every time the polyurethane resin is taken out, the lid should be sealed immediately. If possible, nitrogen can be placed in it will be more conducive to the storage of the urethane resin. 


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