Reference Example of Liquid Material Viscosity

The term “viscosity” refers to the thickness or flow-ability of a liquid. Viscosity numbers range from one to millions of centipoise(cps), viscosity chart can help you get an idea of how thick your product is. Although these examples are only average values, they are helpful for evaluating the viscosity of liquid materials

viscosity detection

Note: Approximate viscosity is the data at room temperature -70°F / 21.1°C.

Material Viscosity in Centipoise
Water 1-5 cps
Milk 3 cps
Bolld 10 cps
Corn Syrup 50-100 cps
Maple Syrup 150-200 cps
SAE 10 Motor Oil 85-140 cps
SAE 20 Motor Oil 140-420 cps
SAE 30 Motor Oil 420-650 cps
SAE 40 Motor Oil 650-900 cps
Castrol Oil 1,000 cps
Karo Syrup 5,000 cps
Honey 10,000 cps
Chocolate 25,000 cps
Ketchup 50,000 cps
Mustard 70,000 cps
Sour Cream 100,000 cps
Peanut Butter 250,000 cps
Crisco/Lard 2,000,000
Silicone Sealant 10,000,000
Window Putty 100,000,000

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