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CS Hyde Company
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  • 1351 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Lake Villa, Illinois 60046, USA

Founded in 1996, CS Hyde Company has been providing an endless number of industries with high-end materials that are required for functionality, production and growth. CS Hyde Company specializes in adhesive tapes, polymer films, fabrics and silicone rubber and utilizes the latest in high tech converting equipment to provide a superior product in the shortest timeframe possible. CS Hyde is headquartered in Lake Villa, IL, and has made long term relationships with major manufacturers such as 3M, Mitsui Chemicals, Teflon, BASF, GE plastics, and many more industry leaders.

CS Hyde Company

At CS Hyde our mission is to build on our accomplishments of product excellence, innovate new technology, and provide the upmost quality of products and service to our global customers.

CS Hyde specializes in tapes, films, fabrics, silicones and utilizes the most high-tech converting equipment to provide a superior product to our customers in the shortest period of time.

For over 20 years CS Hyde has been a leading distributor and converter to a wide variety of markets. Our goal is to provide our customers with products made to specific specs, competitive costs, and a fast delivery.


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