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decosil® was founded thanks to the cooperations of professionals in the field of pastry and silicone processing, to provide tools for pastry which meet a high standard of quality and functionality.

decosil® is a new company that was founded to meet the needs of professionals and bakery lovers, who want to propose innovative ideas to their customers through innovative tools for pastry.
decosil® is a company devoted to creativity, style research, careful analysis of shapes and achievement; it is craftsmanship applied to pastry art.

decosil® was founded in 2006 thanks to the alliance of skilled experts in silicone and the pastry ability of Master Pastry Chef Stefano Laghi: decosil® silicone food mould takes form the combination of their knowledge.

decosil® pastry moulds are unique, allowing extraordinary performances using chocolate, sugar, ice cream and almond paste, that can be otherwise obtained only after many hours of manual work.
3D confectionery products, small decorative sculptures, ideas to surprise.

Our moulds comply with high quality standards reguarding food certification, in accordance with non-toxic regulations, and  their durability and non-deformability are guaranteed.  

decosil® silicone moulds developed to offer great value solutions thanks to a unique and a simple experience: save time and strain to obtain an exciting result!!

We stand out from competitors, we work for selected clientele which search for both good high quality taste and aesthetic harmony in line with own expectations:

You are not simply dealing in sweets but real sculptures, fine-pastry artworks.

decosil® sells realy exclusive products and offers carefull post-sales assistance. An easily accessible website is available and there you can find all the useful information and some secrets to obtain excellent results using moulds.

Each silicone mould is sold with instructions and QR code to allow an easier access to our tutorial.


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