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Eeze Silicone Molds is a supplier 0f high quality silicone molds manufactured to the highest possible standards using the latest trends, technology, know how, innovation and technical abilities at our disposal .

In the Cake Decorating section we offer silicone moulds for cake decorating for use in the food safe environment of cake baking and sugar craft decorating along with cake decorating supplies for cake lovers, cake decorators, hobbyist, enthusiast and home bakers. Bringing the ease of baking and cake decorating along with the cake decorating supplies needed to your fingertips. Furthermore we will endeavor to supply relevant and informative articles, pictures and manufacturers specifications to assist in the choice of the cake decorating supplies you may need. The Sugar craft industry is a diverse and ever changing industry with ever changing trends and needs to keep up to date with the latest styles and cake decorations.

In the Soap silicone mold section we offer silicone molds for soap and soap related products along with expertise, as well as supplies as we are able to procure these at reasonable prices. We also design and manufacturing Soap silicone molds to specific client specifications and needs. Company logos and styling can be incorporated into the silicone mold required by the clients. These silicone moulds are not food safe and not suggested for use with food products.

In the more General silicone mold section we offer various silicone molds that can be used with mediums like resin, plaster of paris, pewter and most clays, putty, and any other mediums you may find suitable. We hope this section will become a fun for all section creating many home made quality products using our silicone molds .

Our Decor Silicone Mold section is operational and we will be bringing popular and exclusive designs for Curtain Tie Backs and home Decor for the D.I.Y and budding entrepreneur to use. These will include large Roses, Heart Plaques and more that could be used on many items including decorating crosses, tea trays, welcome boards, mirror surrounds and more.  A Silicone Mould Creation for every occasion.    These silicone molds are not food safe and not suggested for use with food products.

Eeze Silicone Molds offers quality molds for any scope of project. We have experience making a wide variety of custom molds. Whether it’s custom food molds, custom industrial molds, custom PETG Molds, custom chocolate molds, or any other custom mold solution, we have you covered.

Every day, we make premium grade custom molds for individuals and companies. Professional chefs, entrepreneurs, and multinational brands continually use our services to help give shape to their ideas. When it comes to R&D, our customers have found our silicone mold making process to be an affordable alternative to injection molding and our HD (High Def) PETG mold superior to what they have found elsewhere on the market.

We have a wide variety of methods in use to manufacture your custom mold, CNC machining and engraving, Lazer Cutting and Engraving, Handmade etc.


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