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Welcome to the Ellaful, a world of magic created by Ella!

Meet Ella

Hi, I’m Ella! I am the creator and maker of everything here on ellaful.com. I am a resin artist and mold maker currently based in Pennsylvania. My inspiration comes from wanting to be around nature more.

Born and raised in NYC, nature was something I did not get to be in contact with often, except the natural sunlight through my windows. NYC was just skyscrapers and buildings. Everything was professional, black and white. Of course, there's a lot more amazingness and color to NYC, but natural color, not too much. 

I wanted a change of scenery and so I escaped to a smaller city for college where nature was a part of it. It was amazing to just see trees and flowers all around. Everything is almost like at level with me compared to me looking up at skyscrapers. 

There, I studied computer engineering. I used the logical side of my brain most of the times. There were definitely parts where I had to be creative, but I was still restricted to the numbers. After I was done with college, I needed a break. I wanted to do something that will allow me to be creative freely. And so Ellaful is the result!

About ellaful.com 

I discovered the magic of resin and all the things that I can embed in it. Now for me, what better thing is there to embed in resin other than parts of nature? All of my creations that include flowers are real flowers. I want to use them to recreate the sceneries that I have always wanted to be around. Using various other inclusions, I can create unique and magical pieces.

I have also realized that many people are enjoy the creation process. The more I interact with you, the more I realized that you have your own sceneries that you want to create. Many have expressed interest in the molds I use and my supplies. I will be slowly incorporating all of that into my shop. They will be supplies that I use for my creations that are made by me. That way, you'll be able to add your own touch to your pieces.


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