Culinart, Inc. dba Marvelous Molds Factory

Culinart, Inc. dba Marvelous Molds
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  • 7609 Production Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45237, USA

Marvelous Molds specializes in making silicone molds that represent a true innovation in silicone mold design. The company was founded by Chef Dominic Palazzolo who has spent many years supplying chefs, cake decorators, scientists, artists and hobbyists with silicone mold making materials that they can use to make their own custom molds.

As a professional in the foodservice industry and a master mold maker, Chef Palazzolo came to the conclusion that the silicone molds that were on the market at that time were unsophisticated blocks of rubber that were indiscriminately poured around an object to create the final mold. The result is a thick, cube of silicone with heavy, inflexible sections that interfere with the all important unmolding process.

Every Marvelous Mold is individually designed in order to produce a casting in the most efficient manner possible. Patent pending advancements that are a hallmark of our company, are incorporated into every mold in order to create a product that represents a phenomenal evolution in silicone mold design.

We greatly encourage you to try our fabulous silicone molds with this warning, “They are very addicting!” Once you have used a Marvelous Mold with its amazing flexibility, phenomenal detail reproduction and the fantastic trimming blade, you may never want to use a conventional silicone mold again.

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