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Reiss Manufacturing, Inc.
  • (732) 446-6100
  • P.O.Box 159, Rumson, NJ 07760–0159, USA

Reiss Manufacturing, Inc., a subsidiary of Reiss Corporation, operates two divisions: Silicone Rubber Division and Thermoplastic Extrusion Division.

Reiss Manufacturing’s Silicone Rubber division, also known as Ronsil, dates to the beginnings of the industry. Reiss Manufacturing began producing silicone rubber components in 1946.

Reiss Manufacturing, Inc.

U.S.-based, Reiss remains a leading manufacturer of silicone rubber products for a large range of industrial sectors. With in-house compounding expertise, tooling and production engineers, and and the highest quality standards, our customers range from Fortune 50 corporations, which require extensive product development capabilities, to distributors seeking competitively-priced, small-batch, standard products. Our product diversity has ensured our longevity and provides a foundation for innovation.

We are experts in a variety of materials: Silicone (solid, sponge and foam), Fluorosilicone, Viton® (solid only), Fluorocarbon elastomer (solid only), EPDM and EPR rubber (ethylene propylene) (solid only), Neoprene synthetic rubber (sourced), Nitrile (Buna-N) (sourced) and Santoprene® (solid only).

We offer a complete range of manufacturing capabilities: Formulating and compounding, Milling and mixing, Extruding, Molding / LIM, Calendering, Fabricating, laminating and die cutting, Tooling and Testing.


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