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Timtronics founded in 2003 is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer and formulator of the most Advanced Thermal Interface Materials. Timtronics is a global leader in Non Silicone (Silicone Free) thermal interface materials. We partner with O.E.M. companies to develop high performance thermal interface materials using our proprietary technology and engineering expertise. Each new product formulation is designed to meet and exceed O.E.M. specifications. We pride ourselves on rapid product design, sampling, flexible production methodology and world class technical support.  Timtronics Customer Enrichment Program (CEP) guarantees unparalleled customer service, consistent quality products and provides the next generation of thermal interface technology. Timtronics has over 50 years of experienced chemists and engineers to assist you in finding solutions to your most demanding applications.

Timtronics products have been designed into thousands of applications and helps guarantee the performance, integrity, survivability, and maintainability of communications equipment, automotive, radars, aircraft, missiles, spacecraft, computers, fire control systems and industrial electronics.

Timtronics is a one stop for thermal management solutions, we offer a full line of thermal greases, pads, gap fillers, cure and non- cure types dispensable gels, epoxies and potting compounds

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